Life with inspiration and peace of mind Community-based share house. Hidamari

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

Steps for moving in

1. Come visit our sharehouses.

First, please come visit our sharehouses. Contact and tell us your preference through a contact form to arrange schedule and meeting point for house-viewing.

2. Let’s talk

A relationship with others in a sharehouse is important so let’s have a chitchat during house-viewing to see if what you expect for a sharehouse really matches up with our view and idea, and also to see if your personality fits with other people in the sharehouse. Please decide if you want to move in or not after house-viewing. (Please understand that we may not be able to accept your request for moving in.)

3. Procedures for moving in

Please contact us after you decide a date for moving in. We are going to make a contract so please have identity verification documents, a residence certificate and personal seal ready. After making the contract, please transfer the total amount of the first month’s rent, utilities fee and 30,000 JPY (not refundable) as an initial cost into a designated bank account before moving in.
(Some sharehouses require additional cost.)
*Utilities fee may change depending on the season.
Basically, our sharehouses don’t require a guarantor unless you are a student or underage. Please provide a phone number for emergency contact.

4. Moving in

Please inform us of a time for moving in beforehand. At least you need a futon and clothing when you move in. Let’s sit down together at table, talk and laugh a lot to make a warm Hidamari family.

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