Life with inspiration and peace of mind Community-based share house. Hidamari

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.




Age:22 years old

Occupation: Student

Native place:Miyazaki

The period when I lived:2 year

▷What is the opportunity when you are in Hidamari?

I lived on two people with an older sister.However, an older sister found work in the outside the prefecture.Thus I lost a house.In addition, I was going to go to Germany for studying abroad three months later.At that time, I had a friend teach Hidmari.

▷Did a share house know you?

I did not know it.A room share knew words in those days.

▷There was Shohei for the longest time.

There is me from opening.

▷Is a single life possible when I live in the share house?

I cannot do it.

I return to the house, and nobody can imagine the situation that there is not.

After all a single-family house is good more.

▷It was an apartment first.(The share house of the first was a thing of an apartment.)

After all you can use living or a kitchen or the bath widely.

In the share house, it is pleasant more that I listen to the story of various people.

▷Finally I ask for a word.

There is Fukuoka first of all for three years! Everybody will play!

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