Life with inspiration and peace of mind Community-based share house. Hidamari

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.




Age:26 years old

Occupation: Wine shop capacity

Native place: Kitakyusyu

The period when I lived: One year seven months

▷What is the opportunity when you are in Hidamari?

Originally I lived in the student dormitory.There was very comfortable and looked for the place where cohabitation was possible when I graduated from a university.Therefore I found Hidamari and contacted it.

I live, and how?

I was able to meet people who cannot meet by the single life.I was able to mention one’s story that I did not know thanks to the grace.There was very interesting.

▷Finally I take a word.

I work in wine shop “Cafe Lafcadio” of Kaminoura.In addition, it is France and a Japanese person of mixed parentage, but French is not readable and cannot write it.

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