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Interview with the owner of the sharehouse in Hiyoshi Honcho! Report on the loving sharehouse with two cats


We interviewed Kobayashi-san, the owner of the sharehouse in Hiyoshi Honcho!


We asked why she started the sharehouse and what kind of image she has about the sharehouse.








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Introduction: What kind of person is Kobayashi-san?




– As introduction, please tell us about your name, work, and hobbies.


ishikawasannI’m Mari Kobayash and work in the education field. My hobby is to go to gym. Since I like sports. I go to a gym nearby one a week.


– Awesome! Do you have experience in sports?


ishikawasannI used to live in Miura Coast, Chigasaki and Zushi in my 20s, so I enjoyed windsurfing as my hobby at that time. And, I was so into Okinawa and thought of changing my job, but there weren’t many job opportunities. There were few slots available for people from outside the prefecture to be hired for jobs in education, and I had given up on them.


– How long had you lived in Zushi?


ishikawasannFor 2 years. I was working for education at that time.


– I see. You have a daughter, right? Does she often come back home?


ishikawasannYes. She just became independent in this spring. Since she lives nearby, so she comes back from time to time.





The reason she started a sharehouse




– What is the reason for you to start a sharehouse?


ishikawasannI have always worked in the education field, so I can be supportive and have a desire to help others.


In addition to that, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.


When the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami happened in 2011, I visited a university on the next day of the earthquake and tsunami since I thought there were students who lost their parents and were in need.


I thought the student affairs of the university were in charge of providing support for apartment hunting and other housing assistance for new students. Especially it was in March, I thought there were students in need due to the earthquake and tsunami.


So, I told the university, “I can rent a room if there is a student in need.” and “I would a student in need to live without rent for a certain period of time, just until s/he get settled.” It didn’t happen since I was told by the university that they don’t provide that kind of service, but the earthquake and tsunami made me think and that’s the reason.


– And after that, you started searching about the sharehouse?


ishikawasannAt the time, I ended up being turned down. After a while, my daughter became independent and I had a room available, and I wondered if I could help someone.







Especially, due to the corona pandemic, I feel many people suffer from being alone in a room. It’s possible to save some money on rent and complain a little if you live with someone.


Since I had a room available, I wanted to support someone even a little.


And I saw Hidamari’s website and felt the loving atmosphere, and I thought, “I like it.”


– Thank you.


What kind of place do you want the sharehouse to be? What kind of person would you want living in?




– By the way, have you ever lived with someone?


ishikawasannNo. This is my first time, so I’m nervous and excited.


– You must be. Do you have any concerns?


ishikawasannI have no idea. I don’ know what I don’t know (lol).


– I see. I think it’s natural. What kind of image do you have about a sharehouse? It has recently become well known through TV programs, but have you seen it?


ishikawasannI hardly watch TV, but the main character of “Okaeri Mone,” a Japanese television drama series, lived in a sharehouse, which was renovated from a public bath, in Tokyo. When I saw the scene that the owner of the sharehouse talked with the main character whenever she was in trouble, I was like, “Ah, this, this is what I’m looking for.” (lol)


As I said a little bit before, something being considerate or supportive. I might have that kind image strongly.


– I see. Then, what kind of person would you want living in?


ishikawasannA person who like cats.


– Indeed. You have cats. What are their names?


ishikawasannKei-chan and Nacchan.






Also, I prefer people who value cleanliness.


I think that people who value cleanliness and can clean their own private rooms, and use common spaces cleanly are more likely to make life more pleasant for everyone than those who are sloppy.


– Our residents are mainly people from late 20s to early 30s and more working people than students. So, it seems to be mainly working people and mainly women, in terms of the atmosphere of the house. What kind of place do you want the sharehouse to be?


ishikawasannAs they like. Spend their time freely and comfortably.


– Indeed. Overall, the shared space is spacious and seems to allow for a relaxed lifestyle. In terms of your lifestyle, what time do you work on weekdays?


ishikawasannI leave my house before 7AM and come back home after 7PM. But, since I have cats, I really don’t go out for drink. I go straight home.


– I see. Saturday and Sunday are your day off?


ishikawasannYes. I stay home in the morning on Saturday and go to gym after that. Then I finish the day by cleaning the house and doing laundry. I do housework usually on Sunday.


Once the sharehouse starts, basically I’m going to take care of housework. While I do cleaning and taking out the trash, I hope everyone takes care of cleaning their private rooms.


Since I still don’t have a clear image of the sharehouse, I would like to manage the sharehouse to make it a comfortable place for everyone by following the general rules.


I would be happy if I can have a good time with everyone.





Summary: Recommended for people who would like to live calmly at the loving house


Although this is her first time managing a sharehouse, Kobayashi-san has always had an interest in the sharehouse.


We felt that her desire to run a sharehouse was stronger than anyone else’s. She tried to help students at the time of the earthquake and tsunami, immediately gathered information about local sharehouses when she was concerned about them.


In fact, from her own experience, it sounds like it will be a loving sharehouse that will gently support you.


Cat lovers will also be happy to know that they can live with two cats. If you are interested in the sharehouse with a loving and soothing atmosphere, please feel free to contact us!



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