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I want to create a warm sharehouse as a place to return. What is the ideal sharehouse that a house manager thinks while working as a home care worker?


Sometimes we ask a resident to be a house manager of our sharehouse. Of course, a regular resident can enjoy communal life, but living in a sharehouse with other share mates from the perspective of a house manager is also different and fun, and rewarding.


So, in this article, we interviewed Kei, a house manager of Sharehouse Hidamari Kotohira in Kumamoto.


Kei works as a home care worker and a house manager of the sharehouse and also spends her days studying for the medical school entrance exam.


We interviewed her about why she applied for the house manager position, what kind of job she does as a home care worker, and what kind of sharehouse she wants the sharehouse in Kotohira to be.


Please read the interview if you are interested in a sharehouse life as well as a house manager’s job.


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Kei, who works as a house manager of the sharehouse while also working as a care worker




– Please introduce yourself first.


“naragisann"I’m Keino Baba. I am now 25 years old and was born in Kobe. Now I work as a care worker in Kumamoto. I am not the type of care worker who works in a nursing home, but rather a home care worker who goes around visiting elders’ homes.


For a sharehouse, I am a house manager of the sharehouse in Kotohira. I found Hidamari when I was searching for a sharehouse and then contacted them.


– Was there any reason why you wanted to be in a house manager position?


“naragisann"Well, there are many reasons. First, the sharehouse that was looking for the position was close to my workplace. And I had an impression that various people live in a sharehouse, and I thought moving into a sharehouse might be a good opportunity to broaden my friendships.

Moreover, while living in a sharehouse, I thought I could organize/manage living conditions by my standards, like, “I would like this place to be clean this much.” if I become a house manager.


I applied for the position because of the three points above.


– I see. What do you think after you actually started living in a sharehouse? Is there a difference between your impression and the actual situation, and anything you felt?


“naragisann"I’ve been having fun.


I was especially thinking of “cleaning up the sharehouse by my own standards,” and that’s why I applied for the position. But the people living in the sharehouse with me are even cleaner than I had imagined.


There is no situation in which I have to arrange the living space constantly, and I have the feeling that we are enjoying our life together.


– I’m sure the people you live with are very important in a sharehouse. I am glad you are enjoying your life in the sharehouse.


Support elder’s life by visiting their homes as a home care worker. Is it similar to the house manager’s job?




– You work mainly as a care worker. Please tell us a little bit more about home care.


“naragisann"I originally worked as a home care worker in Kumamoto City. Now, I visit the homes of elders I’m in charge of and supper their daily life.


– When I think of nursing care, I have an image of physical support, such as bathing, which is mainly hard work. But is home care different?


“naragisann"Yes. People would imagine bathing and changing diapers when they hear of nursing care, but home care is a little bit different.


For example, in addition to cleaning up a home and cooking their meal, I support them in many aspects, such as engaging them to have fun in daily life.




It might be similar to being a house manager at the sharehouse. I visit and support them for 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time.


So, when it comes to full nursing care, most of the people are in their 70s or older, but the people we visit are not only elderly. There are also people with physical disabilities, for example, some of whom are in their teens.


– You support a part that is difficult for them to do alone.


My dream is to go on to medical school. I want to take the entrance exam because I want to make good use of it for my work home care work.




– First of all, why did you get involved with nursing care?


“naragisann"At first, actually, it was not such a formal motive, but because elders take good care of young people. My motivation was to be popular among elders (laughs).


– Being popular? (laughs)


“naragisann"Of course, it’s not in a romantic way. Simply, they are so kind to young people and take good care of us.


Through my work, I came to realize that the kindness given to me by people who are far apart in age is exceptional.


From the perspective of elders, people who are far apart in age are adorable.


Then, as I get older and reach my 30s and 40s, the age difference will remain the same. If they think people who are far apart in age are cute, then I wonder if I would still be adored by older people as I get older (laughs).

When I visit them, I clean and cook for them. They are very happy, and I am happy to see that.




– I see (laughs). So, you are going to take the entrance exam for medical school as you work as a home care worker. So, do you want to work in the medical field in the future?


“naragisann"The reason is to have medical knowledge, and I want to use that knowledge in nursing care.


– I thought taking the exam for medical school meant becoming a doctor, but it’s different. You want to stay in the same frame and work in the field of nursing care.。


“naragisann"Yes, because having a medical qualification allows me to do more for elders at home.


Above all, it was after I started visiting homes as a home care worker to have the personal involvement that I have today, rather than the physical involvement that is the general image of nursing care.


So, I want to keep working as a home care worker and increase the things I can do. That’s why I want to go on to medical school.


– Amazing. When are you going to take the exam?


“naragisann"Next year, so I’ve been preparing for that.


– You’re really independent.


Future of the sharehouse. I want to make it a place that people call “home,” not “house”




– Do you have any ideal people you want to have in the sharehouse in Kotohira as a house manager?


“naragisann"Not really. Whoever moves in, will be the way it is. I hope everyone can have fun.


– I think the way of your thinking has a lot to do with your job.


“naragisann"Really? (laughs)


– Then, what kind of sharehouse in Kotohira do you want it to be?


“naragisann"I think it would be ideal to make it a sharehome rather than a sharehouse.


A house is just a place to live. A home is a place to return or to go back.


As a sharehome, I want to make it a warm place that fits the name of Hidamari.


Of course, I will do my job as a house manager, but I would like to make a warm place with everyone rather than do something special by myself.


– Thank you so much, Kei!



Summary: Making a sharehouse a warm place with everyone as supporting their daily life


In this article, we interviewed Kei, a house manager of the sharehouse in Kotohira, who also works as a home care worker.


Among nursing care, it seems there are some similar parts between working as a house manager of our sharehouse and supporting people’s daily life as a home care worker. More than anything, Kei’s kind and well mannered atmosphere suits with it.


We sincerely wish Kei will pass the exam for medical school, though taking the exam as working her main job.


Thank you so much for the wonderful stories, Kei!


Sharehouse Hidamari Kotohira, where Kei works as a house manager in Kumamoto, is looking for new residents.


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