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Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.


Q. What are necessary expenditures for moving in?

A. The first month’s rent, utilities fee and 30,000 JPY (not refundable) are required. A security deposit, key money and brokerage fee are not required.
*Utilities fee may change depending on the season.
*An insurance is required as an initial cost depending on houses. Please contact us about it.

Q. Is a guarantor required?

A. It’s not required. Identity verification documents, a residence certificate and personal seal are necessary to make a contract. However, the guarantor is required if you are a student or underage. Please provide a phone number for emergency contact.

Q. Is it possible to live in a sharehouse for less than a month?

A. Basically, no. However, there are some sharehouses that you could rent on a monthly basis. Usually, there will be a penalty charge of one month’s rent for cancellation within a half year after making a contract. (Living less than a half year is negotiable. A monthly basis contract is available for the sharehouses in Kamakura and Shonan area.)

Q. Regarding screening

A. We will examine your information based on the application form, identity verification documents, and through an interview over the phone. Other than the basic background check (name, date of birth, nationality and employment), your ability to pay, the history of troubles with real estate companies, the existence or non-existence of mental disease and relationship with anti-social forces are also subject to the screening. We will contact your emergency contact person before moving in. If we find any false information after the conclusion of the contract, we will cancel the contract anytime regardless of the period written on the contract.

Q. What should I prepare for moving in?

A. There is furniture for the common area so please prepare other things by yourself. We may ask you to pay for the damage on the furniture. Please discard your personal furniture before moving out.

Q. Are there any fees for moving out?

A. You need to pay 30,000 JPY for a private room or 15,000 JPY for a dormitory as a cleaning fee.
*15,000 JPY for living in from a month to less than 3 months. 30,000 JPY for living in more than 3 months. This is applicable only for Kamakura and Shonan area.

Q. Can I let my friend stay?

A. Yes it’s possible, but please tell basic information such as what kind of person s/he is, when s/he comes, and how long s/he stays to other people in a sharehouse beforehand.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. People over 38 years old are not applicable.
(No limit for Kamakura and Shonan area).

Q. What will happen if I lose a key?

A. Please contact us first and come visit our office to get a new key. We shall receive 5,000 JPY as a management fee. The fee may go higher if a key is made something special for a sharehouse.

Q. Is it possible for a corporation to make a contract?

Yes, but you must provide us with information of your guarantor. Emergency contact person is not mandatory.

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