Life with inspiration and peace of mind Community-based share house. Hidamari

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.


Hello, there.

We are Hidamari.
It’s very nice to meet you.



Hidamari is a community that is neither family nor friends,
but yet has a wonderful relationship like you have with family and friends.


It’s a crossroads of life.
People who like playing soccer would join a soccer team.
People who enjoy cooking might work as a chef.
As we grow older, we will meet people who share the same interests.
In particular, most people who have gone out into the society spend a lot of time with people at work.
However, Hidamari is a place where various types of people can get together. A hairdresser, programmer, musician, entrepreneur, and/or bartender…etc.


You may go hang out with them one day.
You may be able to dive into a completely different world.
You may feel you wanna try something new.
You may feel you can do something new, which would become a turning point of your life.
We believe share-houses can open up the door to new opportunities and possibilities for you.
Once you start living in Hidamari, little by little, a new dream or something you can be passionate about will be born inside yourself through encountering a different set of values/views of life and thinking about your life.
Please tell us about your dream.
Everyone will support you.
We would be so happy if you get a chance/opportunity before you move out.


Throwing a party is not a sharehouse’s daily routine.


There is a time you don’t want to talk to anybody after coming home very tired.
We think it’s fun and enjoyable to have a chitchat, like “What are you up to this weekend?” or “I’m thinking of trying this and that next week.,” at living room with someone just for 30~60 min before you go to bed.
A little time, the time you have someone to talk to before bedtime. That little time is the best and magnetic part of the sharehouse.


“I’m home.”
“Welcome home.”
“Hey, guess what. Today I went to blah blah blah…”


It can endlessly go like this.
We hope this website is helpful for your daily life, even a little.
Thank you for your time.

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