For a living stimulation and relief. A share house of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.


Q The expense that is necessary when I enter it?

A previous rent and a fee for common service are necessary.

Q Is a joint surety necessary?

The joint surety is not necessary basically.The thing which is necessary for a contract is a resident’s card and person himself confirmation documents and a seal. But the student and the one younger than 20 years are necessary. In addition, please teach a phone number to get communication in emergency.

Q Is the use within one month possible?

I do not accept it basically.However, the entering from one month has the house becoming possible depending on a house.The cancellation of a contract within a half year usually has a rent for one month as cancelation cost after contracting.

Q Is an application possible even if I do not observe it?

Please watch a house once. Then an application is possible.

Q On the occasion of moving, what is necessary?

The furniture of the joint ownership part prepares.However, I ask for furniture and the equipment except it by individual payment. In addition, about the damage, there is it when I have you compensate it. On the occasion of withdrawal, I ask for disposal of the carry-on furniture.

Q Will the futon prepare by oneself?

There is not the futon. Please prepare to by oneself.

Q When I want to leave, when should I contact it?

When I leave, please contact Hidamari Co., Ltd. by all means by one month ago.

Q Is there the expense to take when I leave?

In the private room, 30,000 yen, sharing a room are 15,000 yen.For house cleaning charges.

Q Is the lodging of the friend possible?

The lodging of the friend is possible.But please contact a share mate beforehand.

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