For a living stimulation and relief. A share house of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

About Hidamari

Nice to meet you.

“It is Hidamari.”


Hidamari is not a family, and Hidamari is not a friend.

Nevertheless It is community with the relations like a family and the friend.


It is the crossing of the life.
The person liking soccer enters the soccer circle.
The person liking cooking enters the restaurant.
We will associate with a person with the directionality similar to oneself as we become an adult.
Most people spend in particular much time with the person of the same company when we appear in the society.
However, Hidamari has various people.


And let’s go out to play together!
I can jump into the world that oneself does not aim at suddenly.
I think that the share house is a chance to such.


I can mention sense of values and the view of life of various people when I live in Hidmari.
I think about one’s life.And I think that a thing and the dream that I want to do are born little by little.
Please tell me your dream.
Surely everybody supports you.
I am happy if I get some kind of opportunities till I graduate.


“Hidamari” thank you very much.


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