For a living stimulation and relief. A share house of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

Share house/rooms of the community type in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

A flow of the entering

1.At first please come for a visit.

At first please come to watch share house Hidamari. Please refer from an inquiry form.Let’s coordinate the date.Then let’s decide the wait place.

2.Let’s talk in various ways

By the cohabitation, human relations are very important. Therefore we think about whether you match people of the inside.So let’s talk in various ways.

3.A procedure of the entering

If entering day is fixed, please contact it.Because I shake a contract, please prepare for person himself confirmation documents and inhabitants list and the seal.If a contract is over, please do transfer of rent + water service / light and heat net costs of the first moon in the designated bank account by entering day.
(There is a thing costing expense separately depending on a house.)As for share house Hidamari, a principle joint surety is unnecessary.But the student and the one younger than 20 years are necessary.In addition, please teach a phone number to get communication in emergency.


Please inform it of your arrival time by the entering day before. A thing necessary to a minimum is futon and clothes.I eat rice together and talk much, and let’s enjoy it together laughingly much.

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